Our first range of products are now available in South Africa

The right supplements, exercise, a balanced gut biome and a healthy lifestyle are all parts of a treatment plan for better health and better living. With food not being as nutritious as before, supplements are a safe option to get all the nutrients your body needs.

Our range of products are now available in South Africa for the first time and are designed for improved movement of the joints and bones, a healthier nervous system, the restoration of healthy intestinal flora and a stronger immune system.

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Avanso’s range of products are now available in South Africa

Why Avanso

After many discussions with Orthopaedic Surgeons and Physicians in Europe, we learned that a large portion of their patients have seen great results from the use of Avanso products. We have also personally experienced great results from using these products and for this reason, we have chosen to import Avanso as a conservative treatment for those needing a nutritional boost.

We find that the combination and nature of their ingredients brings customers the highest quality products which are based on natural, raw materials. Each ingredient is carefully checked and they select their suppliers according to the strictest criteria. They use the latest technology, which means the processed active substances are much better absorbed in the body, which allows them to reduce the dosage and load of the digestive tract.

They keep the quality of the processes, from the selection of raw materials to the final delivery to your hands, under control. Quality is the main parameter of their products, they care about your satisfaction, and so do we.


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